Clothing Manufacturing to Your Requirements!

Our minimum charge for manufacturing will be for 500 pieces.
This 500 pieces must be of one style and one colour although we can split this into various sizes within reason.

Prototype samples are sent FREE (less delivery charges) on receipt of final order.

If prototypes are required before you have placed a final order we will charge between £100 - £150 for each sample. This will be fully credited towards your final order once the sample is approved. This is to prevent abuse of this free sampling service, which means we spend our time more efficiently putting your designs into reality!

During the manufacturing process we can also add customised neck labels, prints, embroidery etc.

For a quote please confirm you are clear on the above and forward us a copy of your design specification with deadline by email.

New Businessess

We understand that many new businesses, have innovative new ideas and we are delighted to work along side you to achieve your goals.

Please note, above are our bare minimums and we will not carry out any work on a trial basis without charge. EuroQC's clothing manufacturing department receives many requests daily from young aspiring design students requesting us to manufacture, print and label a few pieces to their design requests to 'test the water' in the market, this is not something we can do without charge. We value the quality of our work and the time we put in, even to manufacture one piece and will charge for this accordingly.