Screen Printing

We offer a high quality Screen Printing Service on all our Garments.

Please note our 1-off Template charges before requesting us to quote. All prices are in addition to the garment prices shown on our website.

Each Colour in your design to be printed will require it's own Screen & Film.
Each Screen is charged at £27.00 and each Film (A4) at £12.50

If printing on a coloured garment an additional film and screen will be required to print a white base first for which to print ontop off. This is due the nature of screen printing.

We then will charge per Print;

For example;

50 x 1 Colour prints, A4, on white garments will cost;
[1 x £27.00] + [1 x £12.50]
Each Print will be charged at £1.80

250 x 2 Colour prints, A4, on Blue garments will cost;
[3 x £27.00] + [3 x £12.50]
Each Print will be charged at £0.90

The unit price for each print will reduce if the volume of prints required increases, as seen in the above examples.

We will store the screens and films for a period of time so they can reused by you without incurring extra charges. After approx 6months, unless advised otherwise, we will recycle the screens. A small remake fee for each screen will then be applicable.

All prices are exc cost of garment (which can be obtained from our website) VAT & Delivery.